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IFGT running on rice hulls in the Philippines
IFGT running on rice hulls in the Philippines

IFGT Technology

BTOLA Indirectly fired gas turbine technology

Technology Overview:
BTOLA converts gas turbines engines to indirectly fired gas turbine engines allowing them to run on Biomass, waste products and other fuels lowering fuel costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

This is accomplished by:

  • Removing existing combustion chamber
  • Installing BTOLA combustion chamber
  • Installing BTOLA start-up combustor
  • Installing BTOLA heat exchangers
  • Utilizing BTOLA heat recovery
  • Installing BTOLA control system

Cleaner Fuel Options

The gas turbine has been tested and achieved excellent results with these alternative fuels.

  • Waste Biomass
  • BTOLA high yield biomass
  • Macadamia nut shell
  • Garbage (paper and plastic)
  • Woodchips
  • Dirty waste oils
  • Waste greases (grease trap)
  • Feedlot cow manure
  • Low grade coal

Why ?

Because the BTOLA solution is up to 70% cheaper to purchase, install and operate.

Capital Cost – Purchase and Installation costs over competing technology to utilize cheaper fuels

  • BTOLA IFGT $2-3/Watt
  • Gasification and turbine or IC engine $7 /Watt
  • Boiler and steam turbine $6/Watt


Operating Costs

    Regular Gas Turbine Fuels
  • Kerosene $25/ GJ
  • Diesel $30/GJ
  • Natural Gas $7/GJ
  • LPG $20 / GJ
    BTOLA IFGT Fuels
  • Waste Biomass $-2 - 0 / GJ (disposal cost avoidance)
  • Energy crop Biomass $2 / GJ
  • Coal $ 10-20 / GJ
  • Municipal Waste $ - 2/GJ (disposal cost avoidance)


  • Lowers CAPEX for small scale greenhouse neutral fuels encouraging proliferation of such systems
  • Hi combustion temps allow for the destruction of Noxious chemicals
  • Encourages distributed energy, lowering grid losses and greenhouse gases