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03 March 2014 | 5 comments

BTOLA begins testing on solid fueling directly fired gas turbine

BTOLA has finished construction of its new Solid Fueling Directly Fired Gas Turbine technology. This technology offer the promise of massively lowering the generating costs of electricity using solid fuels. Test are about to begin and management foresees no problems with the technology.

Upon completion of the tests BTOLA will start construction of its flagship 2 MW units.

20 Jan 2014 | 5 comments

BTOLA tests proprietary gas turbine technology

BTOLA has begun testing its own gas turbine solution. "We hope to have this technology on offer to our customers within the year" MAnaging Director Bevan Dooley.

We are working on a marketing package that we will soon have available to our potential customers outlining the advantages of the BTOLA Gas Turbine Solution.


30 Dec 2013 | 5 comments

BTOLA energy crop in the philippines growing beyond expectations
Mackay Green Energy reports that the Bana Grass Energy crop suppllied by BTOLA is "exceeding expectations" in terms of growth and density. BTOLA Pty LTd supplied the energy crop to Mackay Green Energy in March 2013. The first crop was harvested an used to propogate on a larger plantation on Semtember 1st 2013. The crop has adapted well to the tropical conditions of the Philippines with growth exceeding expectations.

18 Dec 2013 | 5 comments

BTOLA IFGT demonstration unit on hold in philippines pending outcome of internal dispute
BTOLA has been informed that an internal dispute involving funding and permitting has arisen between the parties involved in the IFGT project in the Philippines. While not involved in the dispute BTOLA remains hopeful that the grid connected unit will be operational again shortly. BTOLA management was more than pleased with the results of the extended testing undertaken while the unit was operational. BTOLA management now considers the technology "ready for sale"